Peder Fredricson is part of Team H&M. The team consists of the four stars Malin Baryard Johnsson, Nicola Philippaerts, Olivier Philippaerts and Peder Fredricson. Follow them on H&M We Love Horses in social media. H&M We Love Horses – the most fashionable meeting place for everyone who loves horses.

    On farms like Grevlunda require real horse power of the best kind. Our co-operation with John Deere feels completely in our direction with the highest quality as a goal.

    KRAFFT is Sweden’s largest supplier of horse nutrition and owned by Lantmännen, a cooperation of Swedish farmers. Our products start as a small seed in a field in Sweden and are carefully developed with love for horses. Since all horses are unique, we have a wide range so that your horse can get a perfectly balanced feed ration. The KRAFFT range of products are available to buy from approved retailers throughout Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and a number of other European countries. When you choose to buy KRAFFT, you are involved in contributing to sustainable and responsible agriculture. For more information regarding KRAFFT visit

    VIDA Stallströ is made of cutter chips from VIDA’s 9 own sawmills. Only Swedish raw material of good quality, mainly from spruce. Our bedding is dust cleaned, free from chemical additives and impregnated wood.

    Agria animal insurance are the specialized company for animals. In our cooperation between Agria and Grevlunda Agria Naturbana has been created. It is a landscaped riding trail in nature in which the horses can be trained in a positive and sustainable way. Agria Naturbana is part of Agria’s work for sustainable horses. To see what we do more, visit

    Toveks Bil was founded in 1994 by Gregor Tovek.

    The Tovek Group is a privately-owned company active in the automotive trade and service industry. Today they have 15 locations all around Sweden.

    We got to know the Volkswagen’s cars when they entered and wanted to be seen in the sport. Through Toveks we get amazing service by helpful and knowledgeable staff.

    Kingsland Equestrian, designer and manufacturer of Kingsland Equestrian apparel and horse gear, entered the partnership with Stephanie Holmén and the team at Grevlunda in the end of 2017.

    Kingsland is a Norwegian brand, but counts Sweden in as “home marked” together with Denmark. As both Steffi and the crew at Grevlunda now all dress up in Kingsland, we hope to help with their branding and growth in Sweden and elsewhere. Kingsland is a brand that aims for the best in quality, appearance and profile, and to have our team at Grevlunda now working and showing in Kingsland, reflects both our and Kingsland vision in a perfect way.

    Rose hip powder from Litovet was something we tried on a horse which gave a fantastic result. As a result, we tested more horses and today we are a product we use diligently and done for many years as it gives results.

    From a very own and innovative view of what horse and riders need, TRUST Equestrian develops products that provide optimum conditions for riding. The current TRUST-collectively contains many dozens of Sweet Iron, Inno Sense and leather bites.

    Trust is updated with the latest equestrian equipment they choose with care.

    Along with Bollerup we breed horses, it is exciting to see the developement in this new cooperation and we are hoping for many future stars from Bollerup!


    The best hay in Sweden!

    K9 is revolutionary when it comes to skin and hair care in animals. K9 and Grevlundagården works together with developing new products.

    At Get the Gallop, everything comes from headbands and horse blankets to kitchen tools and art. It’s simply the coolest horse riding lifestyle store online.


    Created to serve the market of riding enthusiasts, Freejump System is today a benchmark in terms of innovation and high-tech products designed for the performance, comfort and safety of both riders and horses. Since its start in 2001, thanks to its close and continuous collaboration with the world’s best riders and its attentive response to the needs of amateur riders, Freejump has constantly improved the competitiveness of its products.

    The first motivation of Freejump was to bring some new ideas into the equestrian world. The first well known product was the X’Up stirrup, based on the automatic bicycle pedals, using an automatic release in case of a fall. These stirrups were a fantastic concept but complicated to promote, but it has been the origin of the Soft’Up.

    Freejump launched in 2012 the very popular Soft’Up Pro stirrups which are considered by many as one of the best stirrups today. Working towards delivering the best products is in the heart of Freejump. Recently, a new single-branch has been designed by Pininfarina in collaboration with the top rider Pénélope Leprevostto offer riders new feelings and sensations compared to the Soft’Up Pro.

    Thanks to the invention of the X’Up we were forced as well to come up with footwear products.
This is why we started to develop shoes and chaps, our latest range being the Liberty series. Perhaps the biggest Freejump revolution lies with shoes and chaps rather than stirrups. Because at the beginning riders were convinced that they would never be able to compete with an integrated riding shoes and half chaps, a concept in the limelight of the biggest Championships since 2007. Our riding shoes and chaps are often imitated but we are still the original brand defining equestrian new footwear standards with sports’ footwear technology. The experience in footwear let the company to add two new products : the Liberty One tall boots launched in 2016 and the Foxy woman boots designed by Pininfarina in 2018. Both recognized for the comfort, they seduce today many top riders in the world of showjumping, eventing and dressage !

    From the 90s, we are known and appreciated by riders worldwide for our protection of sport horses.
    Meticulous attention to raw materials, employment of the most cutting-edge technologies and an obsessive attention to every small detail is the foundation of our success. Above all, though, there is the collaboration with the endorsements which are involved in the design and testing phase, thus guaranteeing total reliability of the product. The signature of Marcus Ehning on the Carbon Gel Vento and of Scott Brash on the Grand Slam line, are not simply signatures, they are true guarantees of the performance and quality of the product. In any case, every rider wants the best protection available on the market for his/her horse, one cannot settle for less. This is why Veredus was able to win the trust of champions like Ehning, Brash, Guerdat and Adelinde Cornellisen.
    Veredus is presently the world leader in the top-of-the-line equestrian sporting equipment.

    Behind Trikems feed supplements there is incredible knowledge and research, which gives products you can trust.

    Bruno Delgrange is committed to the philosophy of true craftsmanship and excellence. Our master saddlers are trained in-house. Each one of the pieces they produce is the witness of a unique know how shown in the fine details and the leather’s suppleness.

    Initially, it was just a saddle, today only Bruno Delgrange saddles apply to both Stephanie and Peder.

    Jönköping Horse Show is a venu for all horse enthusiasts that has been a success during the last few years. With it’s wider range it looks like this years Horse Show will be equally appreciated by both the audience and participants.

    Vidilabs mission is to make animal ownership easier and safer for all who has horses, dogs, cats, iguanas, flying foxes, sheep, cows and all other animals living in Sweden!

    That is why we have developed the product Kollamasken, which is available for several different species. Kollamasken is a service  that is analyzed by Vidilab – the largest in the Nordic countries on veterinary medical parasitological tear test diagnostics. Spare both animals and environment. Kollamasken is a sampling kit that contains everything you need to control the parasite status of your animal. Shipping, analys and fast answers are included. Kollamasken is available for one, four or ten horses and several different species. There is also kollamasken-products for horses where additional analyzes such as cultivation and tape mask analysis are included and products for cultivation and power control only.

    Since 2018 we also do nutritional analysis on roughage

    Grevlundagården works in a very quality conscious manner, including through continuous parasite control using Kollamasken.

    DUX is a Swedish family-owned design company that develops, manufactures and sells furniture and beds. Since its inception in 1926, DUX has used its knowledge of comfort and continuously created market-leading beds and furniture. Today, DUX is one of the most prominent companies in the field of bed and sleep comfort development with sales worldwide.

    As a partner to Peder and Lisen, we can ensure a good night’s sleep for maximum recovery, thus providing the best conditions for managing tomorrow’s performance.

    War Child support children in war with psychosocial support, protection and education.

    Through War Childs projects kids can play, learn and be kids again. In this way they can grow to heal adults who can break the circle of violence.

    Help us take the war out of the children. Support War Child at

    Ridesum is the first digital horse training arena – in the world!
    Ridesum is simplifying and revolutionizing everyday training by connecting horseback riders with trainers and experts through video streaming. On our platform riders can find new trainers and experts, book training, have a remote training session, save their feedback and get inspired from our knowledge hub. Only by using a smartphone!

    We help horseback riders to progress faster and trainers to grow their business – always with the horse well-being in focus. A great upside by reducing travelling through remote training is that it saves our planet from tons and tons of carbon dioxide emissions.